So, guess what?

I’m not actually that into cats.

I’m a dog-owner, in fact. But when you’re given the name Kathryn and then grow up to become a copywriter, you have to give the people what they want. Thus, Copy Kat Creative Ltd.

I’m good at words. Writing them, saying them, playing with them. I don’t know anyone who likes the sound of their own voice as much as I do, which is probably handy as being a freelance writer involves endless self-promotion and leaves precious little room for modesty.

After a decade in London working in-house as a copywriter for lots of cool brands, I moved to Devon in 2018. I claimed the move was to accommodate the writing of my first novel, but in reality it was more fuelled by my life-long desire to work from home in my pyjamas all day. Plus, my husband wanted a dog and there wasn’t room for one in our tiny 1-bed in Battersea.

But the novel did get written. And I do work from home (often in my pyjamas) in a little office we built at the end of the garden. I can see the sea from my desk and Keith the sausage dog dozes under my desk. It’s nice work if you can get it.



Between being a full-time freelance copywriter and using my evenings to write risqué short stories about Tinder dates gone-wrong, I’m not often found anywhere but parked in front of my laptop. I have to get up and walk the dog twice a day just to convince my FitBit that I’m not clinically dead. But when I do wrench myself away from my desk, I find joy in these things.
Wild swimming (it’s a thing)
Long (VERY long) walks over Dartmoor
Bard-bothering with my local theatre company
Gorging on a Netflix series
Trying not to kill my many houseplants
Walking Keith (my sausage dog)
Reading the latest Book Club fiction
Eating ready salted Hula Hoops
Hard edits
Reprimanding my husband for excluding me from the tea round

Fancy a Saucy Short?

Saucy Shorts is my weekly podcast which features one of my short stories read aloud by a professional actor. Luckily, I lived with a handful of actors during the London Years so was able to bribe them with promises of love and chocolate digestives to lend me their considerable talents and time to help make this podcast a thing. And boy, WHAT a thing it has become.

Now with its own loyal following, Saucy Shorts offers tea-break-long stories about love, lust, betrayal and friendship, released every week at 12pm on Friday and available on Spotify, iTunes and anywhere else you like to listen. They’re often sexy (clue’s in the name) but not graphic, so they’re probably safe to pass on to your mum but possibly not safe to play aloud in the office (unless your office is seriously cool).

(*NSFW. Consider yourself warned)